Our Services

Business Performance Management

Many companies put in excessive assets and resources for their operation systems, and expect to have great outcomes. However, the fact usually shows that the performance deteriorates way faster than it improves.

Work Integrated Demonstration & learning Program

We provide structured Demonstration on new management practices to entrepreneurs, employees, students and other needy citizens and guide them to practice these systems in a manufacturing or Service Enviro

Vocational Training

The current Indian industry has led to a situation that, on the one hand, it scores of unemployed technicians and on the other hand, there is a huge shortage of skilled workers.

Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program runs Certificate, Diploma & Post Diploma programs, which are aimed at entrepreneurs & candidates who wish to shoulder important positions in Top management in the field of Quality Management, Industrial Engineering and Process Engineering.

Industrial City Interaction Program

An Entrepreneur has the opportunity to interact with the listed Entrepreneurs of Industrial cities in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Malaysia, Singapore, China & Thailand.

Engineer’s forum

The forum has industry experts, lean leaders, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs who can exchange ideas, and guide a new or existing entrepreneur in any areas of engineering. Engineer’s forum is for anyone interested in creating consistently great products, profitable value streams, and stronger organizations.